Toronto's first CryptoCamp brings Bitcoin to Bay street

Unique, hands-on event aims to demystify blockchain for all

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Toronto, November 27, 2018 – Looking to gain an understanding of blockchain and how to deploy it in your business – or just in your everyday life? Toronto’s inaugural CryptoCamp can help.

The event, Nov. 29th at Deloitte, will offer 400 attendees hands-on learning, workshops, product demos, and speakers aimed at demystifying this rapidly scaling technology.

“We believe that anyone can learn how blockchain works and how to use it,” says event organizer Elena Yunusov, SVP of Marketing, Shyft Network, and founder of tech marketing firm Communicable Inc. “That’s our motto behind CryptoCamp: the democratization of blockchain. We’re growing the ecosystem by making these conversations accessible to the larger community.”

The event will bring together 50+ speakers from the crypto, blockchain, financial, and enterprise ecosystems, as well as students, technologists, and startups. Speakers include:

·        Alexander Peh, Vice President, Head of Innovation, RBC

·        Chris Forrester, CTO, Shyft Network

·        Ameer Rosic, Co-Founder, Blockgeeks

·        Rene McIver, Chief Security Officer, SecureKey

·        Louisa Bai, Senior Manager, Deloitte

·        Usman Sheikh, Partner, National Head - Blockchain & Smart Contract Group, Gowlings

Programming will cover topics including interoperability; scaling and governance; design and UI for decentralized applications; enterprise adoption of blockchain technology; the state of Ethereum and dApps, and more.

The event’s Blockchain Bootcamp will allow attendees to get hands-on with blockchain in everyday life: how to safely purchase cryptocurrency, how it differs from regular money, and how to set up and use hardware/software wallets. It will also help attendees master “Blockchain 101" jargon, covering trustless protocols, Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, hot and cold storage options, immutability, governance, forks, DAO and smart contracts, and digital signatures, among others.

CryptoCamp is sponsored by Deloitte, with support from Shyft Network, TWG, Blockgeeks, and community partners (for a full list of partners, visit:

Soumak Chatterjee, head of Deloitte’s Canadian Blockchain consulting team, says blockchain is becoming increasingly relevant across a wide range of businesses – it’s understanding how to leverage the technology that’s key.

“Blockchain is having a significant impact in reshaping incumbent business models in Canada and across the world,” Chatterjee says. “It is incredibly important to continue driving awareness, enabling learning and creating opportunities for deeper conversation around this technology such that companies understand how to use it to their benefit. Having been at the forefront of this revolution for over five years, we are proud to be sponsoring Toronto’s first CryptoCamp.”

CryptoCamp will follow the popular “unconference” model that originated in San Francisco, widely credited as key in growing Toronto’s tech ecosystem through events such as PodCamp, DemoCamp, and WordPressCamp.


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Elena Yunusov, SVP Marketing, Shyft Network

Melissa Hughes, Founder, Intuitive Communications