What is crypto camp?

What is Blockchain? Who is building what? Where is it all going? We got you.

CryptoCamp is Toronto’s first-ever blockchain unconference. This 100%-volunteer-led event aims to bring the entire blockchain community together, showcase some of the most interesting products and projects, and pay it forward by offering Blockchain Bootcamp workshops. Organized by the community for the community, CryptoCamp aims to grow, connect, and diversify the ecosystem. Come meet other crypto-curious and crypto-scaredies, and connect with professionals working in this space. This event is for you.

Event details

November 29, 2018 / Get your tickets! / Deloitte HQ


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Blockchain bootcamp

Easiest way to wrap your head around blockchain! Blockchain Bootcamp offers hands-on learning: How to safely purchase crypto currency? How is it different (or not) from regular money? Set up and use hardware and software wallets. Master Blockchain 101 jargon: Trustless protocol, Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, hot and cold storage options, immutability, governance, forks, DAO and smart contracts, digital signature, and so much more.

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product demos

Product demos cut right through the hype and the noise. The track features demos and case studies exclusively, from people and organizations with projects underway. Hear from the builders talking about their products, projects, and sharing trade secrets at Toronto’s first ever show-and-tell.

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keynotes & panels

How do we advance the adoption of blockchain technology? The discussions aim to cover: Interoperability, scaling and governance; design and UI for decentralized applications; enterprise adoption of blockchain technology, the state of Ethereum and dApps, and more.

“Within the last year, companies globally have started to invest in their own blockchain-based solutions and practices, but very few understand the real power of blockchain and even fewer understand the need for thoughtful implementation of the most powerful technology to emerge since the arrival of the Internet. What’s more, many of the conversations about blockchain and crypto are happening in closed circles. It’s time for both greater understanding and further intersection among those exploring this emerging space. For these reasons, and as staunch supporters of key conversations within the tech ecosystem, TWG is proud to be a founding partner and supporter of CryptoCamp.”
— Leslie McGill, VP of Marketing, TWG